Why Prevent WordPress Hacking

Successful hacking and malware attacks have increased massively, trebling in four years. A single hacker breached 899,000 WordPress web pages – and that’s the tip of the iceberg! To explain why Wordpress Website Security is absolutely essential to your business, below we cover the 7 dangers you risk if you don’t prevent Wordpress hacking.

This graph showing Data Security Breaches sky rocketing illustrates why you must prevent WordPress hacks.
Number of Data Breaches – Verizon’s 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report

It’s common for WordPress websites to suffer thousands of attacks per hour. If this was happening to you, would you even realise?

The Problem With WordPress Website Security

The biggest problem with WordPress website security is that most people don’t use it! They do absolutely nothing to prevent their WordPress website from hacking.

Do you lock your doors when you leave home?

I bet you do!

Yet most people leave the door to their WordPress website wide open, putting their business and livelihood at stake.

The Seedy Habits of Hackers

If you don't want this 'Hacked by MuhmadEmad' message and Kurdish flag on your website, make sure you prevent WordPress hacking
MuhmadEmad put this on 966,000 web pages!

89% of attacks are for money or espionage.

Most attacks are automated. Hackers write software that bombards websites and then hide their identity by faking their IP addresses or launching attacks from their victim’s websites.

7 Dangers You Risk If You Don’t Prevent WordPress Hacking

Hacking’s no joke. If you’re the kind of person that buys insurance, yet you haven’t yet invested in WordPress website security to protect your website, then it’s time to sit up and take note.

Have you ever wondered what might happen if you don’t prevent your WordPress website from being hacked?

This is what a hacker can do to you and it isn’t pretty. In fact, it could put your business at serious financial risk:

  1. A hacker can encrypt your website and demand a ransom to return it. Some businesses fork out tens of thousands of dollars to get their website back.
  2. A terrorist could put propaganda on your pages. Try googling ‘hacked by muhmademad’. I just got 966,000 results!
  3. A hacker could place Google ads for online casinos into your content, or links to Garcinia Cambogia and Italian leather handbags!
  4. Malware could infect your website, and then springboard from your website to other people’s websites or computers. Google and the spam authorities blacklist your domain name and there’s a big black spot against your name!
  5. Hackers can steal your data.
  6. Your page content can be wrecked, causing hours of downtime and wasted staff time.
  7. Your reputation can be ruined.

Attacks are part of every day life on the internet. The question is, are you going to protect yourself? Or are you going to leave your doors wide open?

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